NLG for Your Industry

Arria’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) is revolutionizing how Industries are digitizing their business processes. Using NLG organizations are building new customer experiences, monetizing information assets, introducing new offerings and streamlining operational costs. Discover below the use cases deployed by peers in your industry.

Financial Services

Shape the future of investment reporting by generating rich and insightful data driven narratives at scale, quality and consistency

“Investment analysis is not just about the numbers, it’s about the story they tell. However, analyzing the data and distributing the information can be a tedious and resource-intensive task. Innovative Natural Language Generation, or NLG, can be used to tell the entire story of investment portfolios.” —Robert Hodgson, Arria    

Life Sciences

Processing multiple data streams and analyzing data collected has never been easier thanks to Natural Language Generation

“By 2020…these technologies will contribute to a more sustainable model for pharmacovigilance. The likely areas to benefit will be narrative writing with natural language generation (NLG), triage and medical review… Human time could be focussed on serving as a second set of eyes for more ‘interesting’ information.” —EP News Bureau

News & Media

News Stories are meant to be tailored to the reader, with NLG the story can write and re-write itself based on the data driving the narrative

“Natural language generation (NLG) software (is being) used to produce multiple versions of stories, to ‘scale up the mass localisation of news content’.” —Pete Clifton, PA, RADAR

Consumer Goods & Retail

Adding NLG to your e-commerce platform improves both product comprehension and greatly reduces time-commitments

“Arria’s NLG…may allow e-retailers to personalize product descriptions for each customer in real time (millions every second), combining the data in retailers’ product database with what online analytics tools such as Google know about each customer to provide a personalized service on every product page.” —AI Business


Increase productivity and comprehension in the utilities field by adding Natural Language Generation

The integration of NLG platforms is helping utility companies, from…diagnosing issues and writing everything from work orders to press releases on outages; to providing personalized usage reports for smart meter customers. In collaborating with the technology, employees are able to be more efficient with their time.


Fast, accurate forecasting has never been so easy, thanks to Natural Language Generation

“An evaluation by forecast users suggested that they preferred (AI-generated) texts to human-generated texts, in part because of better word choice; this may be the first time that an evaluation has shown that NLG texts are better than human-authored texts.” —Dr. Yaji Sripada 


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